iKill prevents viruses to spread by killing the process
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iKill 1.2 is a program that protects your system from viruses in your removable drives.
The program scans your system, searching for removable drives.

If found, it scans for any autorun.inf file in those drives. Then it scans them. If they´re dangerous, it asks you if you want to remove that files. (If AutoProtect is selected, it will automatically delete the files, without asking.)

In most of the cases, there is no use of the autorun.inf in you removable drive. It´s very rarely used by some applications to provide some added functionality, like the Wireless Config tool to help setup a home network. But very often they act as a virus launcher.

The autorun.inf file executes itself whenever you try to open a drive by double clicking.

Right clicking on the drive icon will launch autoexec.inf.

If autoexec.inf is set to run a virus executable, your computer will became infected.

To avoid that, iKill 1.2 scans the files in autoexec.inf and deletes them if it identifies them like virus or trojans.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a useful program, devoted to provide security in a sometimes forgotten area, the removable drives


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